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Acupuncture is a proven 4000 year old discipline of Traditional
Chinese Medicine (TCM) that is part of the philosophy of
treating the whole person; body, mind, and spirit. Its purpose is
to restore and balance the flow of the invisible life force Qi (chi)
throughout a patient's body, for health and well being. Qi is
believed to flow through the body in twelve major pathways
called meridians. The meridians and the energy flow are
accessible through more than 350 acupuncture points which
are used in various combinations for restoring imbalances that
lead to illness, pain, mental disorders, etc. The insertion of ultra-
fine sterile needles into specific points on the body, frees the
flow of Qi and restores internal balance so that symptoms
subside and the body functions properly. Over the course of
treatments, the body adjusts to a healthy state of balance, a
process often described as “awakening the intelligence of the